Greentree is locally owned and operated in Greenville, SC. Our specialties include risk assessment, diagnosis, treatment, preservation, appraisal, forensic investigation, accident reconstruction, neighbor disputes, litigation & education.

How Greentree Came to be

Upon leaving a distinguished tour with the Marines in ’88, Randy Cyr started Cyr’s Tree Service in Jacksonville, NC. Logging and gardening with his father in northern Maine gave him his passion for trees; studying Arboriculture at Lancaster University, and Natural Resource Conservation at the University of Maryland, the education he could draw upon.

It wasn’t long before Randy set himself apart as the area’s first Certified Arborist, as well as enjoying the sole endorsement of Mayor George Jones and Sheriff Ed Brown. Randy would go on to become an ASCA graduate, a Certified Tree Risk Assessor, a Certified Tree & Plant Appraiser, and the Upstate’s first Board Certified Master Arborist.

In the fall of ’96, when many Upstate tree services were cleaning up the remnants of Hurricane Fran, Randy moved his company to Greenville, SC (leaving behind his tree removal equipment), and changing its name to Greentree, to reflect its new direction.

Randy brings to the Upstate a rare and refreshing repertoire of experience, integrity and customer courtesy.

While other companies target the removal of trees and tree parts, the professionals at Greentree have taken what they’ve learned through decades of research and practice, and focus upon preservation. They accomplish this through education, consultation and treatment services, catered to meet the tree care needs of the Upstate and beyond.

Responsible Arboriculture

(8 ways our approach is different)


We won’t make a recommendation before conducting a thorough Health Diagnosis. Treating secondary symptoms before finding the primary source is a waste of money, and may even make worse the problem.

Risk Assessment

We won’t conduct a Health Diagnosis before performing a Level 2 Tree Risk Assessment (Hazard Evaluation). Why treat a tree today that could fall on your home or office tomorrow?


Since we don’t do removals, you needn’t worry about an offer to remove a tree that can be saved. If your trees cannot be made safe and healthy and require removal, we can make an impartial recommendation.


Since we are not affiliated with any other company, and do not receive or pay referral commissions, we are free to refer companies that have proven to be competent and ethical.


Should you have a grievance with a company we have referred, we will intercede on your behalf. They will make it right, if they wish to continue receiving referrals from us (we are the closest to a watchdog in the Upstate).

Take Control

The majority of our recommendations require no further action on our part. A simple DIY solution (cultural practices), such as watering, mulching or fertilizing, may be all that’s needed.

Proven Results

Should your trees require therapy, instead of the typical one-time, ‘hit or miss’, cure-all, we employ our own, 5-tier treatment program that has proven 99% effective! See Greentree’s Before & Afters.

Our Goal

Our objective is that, once your trees are safe and healthy (with periodic monitoring, and cultural practices in place), they become self-sustaining, rather than codependent upon a tree or lawn care service.

Bottom Line: We’re going to save you a lot of money!

Tree Evaluations and Reports

Before you call a tree removal service, let our impartial consulting arborists identify potential hazards and diseases, and recommend proven solutions. Our approach spares our clients needless worry and, often, thousands of dollars in removal and treatment costs.

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