The Case of the Declining Sugar Maple

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The Tree Detective



Sugar maple decline. Content to be provided………………………..Does my tree need to be removed? How can I know for sure? A tree removal service has said my tree must come down. And it must come down now! He says he is an expert. That he should know. After all, he has done this many years. Is his the final word on the matter?

First off, it should come as no surprise that a tree remover would recommend tree removal. That is what they do. Remove trees. Now, whether your tree really needs to be removed or not, is another matter (A).

It could be already dead, storm damaged, have increasing lean, uprooted, hollow, cracked, mushrooms growing on it, or has outgrown its boundaries and/or usefulness. For whatever reason you take your tree down, as the tree risk manager, it should be your decision, and not a tree remover’s.

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