Does Tree Lean Mean Tree Fall?

All trees lean; some more than others. Fortunately, just because a tree leans doesn’t necessarily make it unsafe. Far too many trees are removed by tree removal services willing to exploit a homeowner’s fear. Often, the adage, “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” is overplayed.

Most trees lean simply because they have grown towards the sunlight to survive. However, trees that begin leaning after an traumatic event (such as a storm or construction), lean towards structures, or lean over areas people frequent, warrant closer attention by an impartial Certified Tree Risk Assessor.

We can help you with that! Our Tree Risk Assessors have performed thousands of successful Tree Risk Assessments here in the Upstate (and across the South). Please check our slideshow below, and contact us if you have concerns. Be wary of tree removal services that offer free tree inspections (Bob Thibodeaux; all photos copyright Randy Cyr, unless otherwise noted).

Tree Evaluations & Reports

Before you call a tree removal service, let our impartial consulting arborists identify potential hazards and diseases, and recommend proven solutions. Our approach spares our clients needless worry and, often, thousands of dollars in removal and treatment costs.

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