The Places Roots Grow

Roots absorb life-sustaining elements, store fuel and keep our trees standing. Though they grow immediately below our feet, roots can seem remote and inaccessible. Except for the root we keep running into with the mower, we rarely see them. Many of a tree’s problems above ground, can be found below ground, in the area we call the root zone. It is in this hidden world, when the soil is healthy, that roots and soil animals live out their lives in a symbiotic relationship.

But when the soil becomes compacted, pathogens get the upper hand, soil animals pack their bags, and roots look for other places to grow. Since roots are so vital to the well-being of our trees, home and family, shouldn’t we pay more attention to their well-being?

If you are having health and stability issues with your trees, allow our consulting arborists to probe into this shrouded world for the source of the real problem. Follow the roots below in our slideshow (live oaks, Jekyll Island, GA; photos copyright Randy Cyr).

Tree Evaluations & Reports

Before you call a tree removal service, let our impartial consulting arborists identify potential hazards and diseases, and recommend proven solutions. Our approach spares our clients needless worry and, often, thousands of dollars in removal and treatment costs.

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