We get several calls from fed up owners who have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on services that did not deliver.  Trying to save a few bucks on “free consultation,” they end up giving the farm away.  Before you throw money at the problem, it makes sense to find the source of the problem from a competent and ethical authority. Allow our impartial experts to give you our professional opinion, and save you a whole lot of time, worry and expense.

“Randy is skilled, tells it like it is & is honest enough to tell you which trees are worth investing in. We wholeheartedly endorse Greentree.”

John Auger
Simpsonville, SC

Risk Assessment (Hazard Evaluation)

Abnormal Growths, Bark Discoloration, Cavities, Cracks, Crossovers, Deadwood, Excessive Sprouting, Forked Trunks, Hangers, Lean, Mushrooms, Rot, Soil Raising & Vines

Are your trees safe? Let us inspect your trees and present you with a clean bill of safety. Unlike any other tree service in the Upstate, our consulting arborists not only possess the training and proven experience to identify defects and potential hazards, but if your trees require pruning or removal, we’ll refer you to reputable tree services to do the work.

“We really appreciate you advising us & possibly saving us a lot of problems, expense & perhaps injury (you went above & beyond anything we could ask).”

Jerry & Barbara Brockman
Greenville, SC

Diagnosis & Treatment

Bark Discoloration, Bleeding, Deadwood, Deformed Leaves, Foul Odor, Leaf Browning, Leaf Wilting, Mushrooms, Reduced Nut Harvest, Sawdust, Thinning Top & Yellow-green Leaves

The symptoms that arouse an owner’s concern are often secondary, while the real culprit may lie hidden, requiring us to dig up the root collar, test the soil, sound for decay and/or retrieve crown samples. A few cultural changes may be all that your trees need. Should treatment be necessary, we will continue to monitor your trees until they respond favorably.

“A great deal of your treatments have been very successful, with dramatic results on many of the trees you have treated.”

Michael Remion
SC Forest Health Director (former)
Little Mountain, SC

Root Collar Inspection, Excavation & Degirdling

Burlap, Compacted Soil, Circling Roots, Girdling Roots, Guy Lines, Hardscape, Mushrooms, Nylon Straps, Planting Berms, Volcano Mulching and Wire Baskets.

Millions of trees will die in the Upstate this year due to girdling. Though few yards are spared, this scourge goes on mostly unchecked. Girdling can often be traced back to improper planting. It can be a daunting task to dig through compacted, root-riddled soil years later. Allow us, using our supersonic air tools, to safely unearth girdling roots & landscape materials, so that we can skillfully remove what has been choking the life out of your trees.

“I’m here now to attest that Randy is that darn good & personable. My trees are clearly healthier, greener & fuller than my neighbor’s trees. Semper Fi!”

Peter MacKinnon
Greenville, SC

Root Zone Therapy (Soil Conditioning)

Diagnosis, Soil Testing, Soil Decompaction, Root Pruning, Root Barriers, Soil Amending, Fertilizing, Mulching, Watering, Cultural Recommendations & Monitoring

Most tree problems observed above ground originate below ground in the area we call the root zone. Soil compaction is the #1 killer of our urban trees! Our Root Zone Therapy corrects many of these problems in a proven, cost-effective way. We will only treat stable trees that will respond to known treatments. After our initial treatment, we provide indispensable cultural recommendations and up to 3 years of monitoring.

“To determine why my trees were dying, Randy checked my soil & then treated my trees. During the process Randy checked on my trees periodically. Today my trees look beautiful again.”

Gloria Gaughf
Greer, SC

Organic Fertilizing

Bio-stimulants, Chelated Micro-nutrients, Compost Tea, Fermented Plant Extracts, Humic Acid, Kelp Extract, Mycorrhizae, Natural Wetting Agents, Porous Ceramic, Rooting Hormones, Worm Castings & Yucca Extract

After diagnosing tree & shrub health, and testing the soil, we prescribe an organic fertilization program to “put the green back in your trees” and shrubs. We do this through soil injection, broadcast spraying, soil drenching, foliar application & now, bark application.

“Thanks to Greentree my trees are the healthiest they have ever been and seem to continue to improve. Not only are the trees looking much better but the rhododendrons and azaleas are thriving more than ever.”

Jim Latshaw
Greenville, SC

Preservation During Development (Construction)

Construction, Excavation, Grade Changes, Paving, Retaining Walls, Topsoil Stripping, Tree Wells, Trenching, Tunneling, Watering Pattern Changes & Vehicle Traffic

Before you allow any soil disturbance within the dripline of your trees – especially excavation, grade changes and paving – allow us to assess the impact of such activity, and propose the best course of action to minimize injury to your valued trees. “An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

“The 200 year-old white oak is the centerpiece for our landscape. Toni & I can’t thank you enough for saving it from construction shock.”

Bob & Toni Corby
Taylors, SC

Presale Tree Inspection

When you buy a home you also purchase the land it sits on. While home and pest inspectors inspect the house, who that is qualified inspects the trees? It’s nothing for a seller to pass on to the buyer thousands of dollars of overdue tree work. Before you close, have us inspect your trees for health and stability. There will be enough unanticipated moving expenses without having to shell out a boatload of money once you’ve moved in.

“All the customers we’ve referred to Greentree have been extremely happy with the work they’ve done.”

Andy Lyda
Mauldin, SC

Inventory and Survey

Businesses, Churches, Daycare Centers, Easements, Estates, Golf Courses, Homes, Hospitals, Lodges, Malls, Municipalities, Parks, Recreation Areas & Schools

Whether you’ve just purchased property, are responsible for grounds upkeep, anticipate land development and/or wish to comply with local tree ordinances, an inventory – which identifies species, size, health and structural soundness – is the first step towards implementing a responsible and cost-effective program for maintaining your trees.

“Randy’s done work for us on several occasions. His work is excellent & the manner in which he performs it. I highly recommend him for projects which require his expertise.”

Robert M. McGinn, Jr.
Travelers Rest, SC

Appraisal (Valuation)

Condemnation, Construction-related Injuries, Easements, Eminent Domain, Fire, Insurance Claims, Vehicle Damage, Storm Damage, Unauthorized Removal & Vandalism

If your trees have been (or will be) injured, killed or removed through the negligence or willful act of others, you have the right to be compensated for your loss. Our consulting arborists have the training and experience to place monetary value on trees and shrubs in a credible and acceptable manner.

“Thank you for your timely appraisal of my trees. Everything was in order & professionally done. The write up was impressive & will be effective to use.”

Dick Singleton
Pickens, SC

Investigation, Report Writing and Expert Witness

Accident Investigation, Appraisals, Easements, Eminent Domain, Impact Assessment, Insurance Claims, Personal Injury, Recreational Land Use, Specifications, Trespass & Vandalism

For clients requiring more than our initial verbal consultation, we are able to put our findings in writing; ranging from a form report to a formal report (IAW ASCA guidelines), and if need be, represent our clients in Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Depositions and Court.

“Your professional help with major litigation was instrumental in controlling damages.”

K. B. Bhakhri

AIC, Atlanta, GA

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