damaged tree

Tree Failure Archive

Years ago I referred a veteran consulting arborist to a friend. While they talked, I noticed his wife sitting in their car. I was curious. What kind of diagnostic tools does a tree doc use? His wife allowed me to peek into his doctor’s bag. I was surprised to find 4 high-end cameras and nothing else.

Since, I have traversed the US and Canada, taking thousands of photos. What has interested me most has been tree failures. It’s amazing how many trees us arborists pull off houses without ever taking a photo. Please consider adding your photos to our collection. We can learn from each other!

This tragedy was avoidable. Should you have concerns about the safety of your trees, please allow our Certified Tree Risk Assessors to perform a safety inspection as soon as possible! Don’t forget to check out our slideshow below. Be wary of tree removal services that offer free tree inspections (Hudson Blough; photos copyright Randy Cyr, unless otherwise noted).

Tree Evaluations & Reports

Before you call a tree removal service, let our impartial consulting arborists identify potential hazards and diseases, and recommend proven solutions. Our approach spares our clients needless worry and, often, thousands of dollars in removal and treatment costs.

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