Are all arborists the same? You’ll be hard-pressed to find an arborist more enthusiastic, knowledgeable, ethical, competent, and personable than our founder and principal consultant, Randy Cyr. Randy is a decorated Marine vet with a distinguished service record, an American Society of Consulting Arborists Exchange Platinum Contributor, and our first Board Certified Master Arborist in the Upstate.

Upon starting successful tree care companies in 2 other states, Randy brought his company to Greenville, SC three decades ago, focusing upon consultation, preservation, therapy, investigation, litigation and conflict resolution, while establishing the Tri-State’s best track record (the Carolinas & Georgia). Unlike any other arborist, Randy has been fearless in exposing what really is killing our trees, harming our citizens & damaging our property, which is evident on our peer-reviewed website (by 5 Industry leaders).

We will not cut your trees down, force a revolving door treatment program upon you, or tell you what you must do. Rather, we will provide you with no-nonsense guidance and proven therapy for a nominal fee. Payment is by cash, check (Randy Cyr) or Zelle (864 991 5003). We will put you back in control of your landscape, while saving you thousands of dollars. Our company has helped save 1 million trees in the Upstate, the Carolinas & Georgia. Let us help you!

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